Mndful flow is a contemporary Vinyasa practice. For these classes our space is slightly warmed of no more than 30 degrees using far infrared heating technology. Classes are based on the principles of breath, movement and awareness. Moving at a steady pace you will progress through different postures while feeling supported in listening to your own needs moment to moment. This class welcomes beginners through to those with more experience.



Insync is a weekly celebration; a way to come together and mindfully move to strategically crafted playlists that sync beats to asana. Music varies from experimental and ambient, to electronic dance music and tribal beats. The beat becomes our tool for focus, timing of the breath and supports a journey of deep energetic connection. In this class our room is illuminated with a specific colour helping to enhance mood and energy.

60 minutes [Warmed]


Traditionally, the purpose of yoga (asana) is to make the body healthy and stable for meditation. Integrate combines both our mndful flow and Instil meditation. 50 minutes of yoga asana to help ease your body and mind, providing an optimal environment for meditation (25 minutes).

75 minutes [warmed]


Yin is a nourishing, soft and meditative yoga practice. Yin yoga works deep into our body to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility; this is done through a series of long- held, supported poses combined with breath and awareness.
Yin is a restorative class that encourages deeper relaxation and improved energy flow. In this class we use an orange light to illuminate the room which has a strong mood enhancing ability.

75 minutes