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Cntre Space is a modern sanctuary of meditation and mindfulness for self-exploration and community. Experimental and contemporary practices, combined with age-old wisdom are used to help guide you into your own inner landscape, opening the way to greater awareness and a deeper sense of connection


Chi Meditation Seats

Many of us find sitting cross-legged uncomfortable due to the pressure it places on our bodies. Cntre space uses the international award winning Chi Meditation Seat in all its meditation classes to help support your practice. The Chi seat has been designed to alleviate discomfort making sitting upright easier and more enjoyable, it places the body in the correct alignment, promoting a better posture at all times.

infrared heating

Cntre space has chosen to use far infrared heating at the studio to warm yoga classes when required – it’s a gentle heat with no noise. Far infrared heats the body directly, the direct contact far infrared creates with the individual will result in a more intense sweat, while actually generating a lower temperature, this in turn allows more toxins to be eliminated than with other heating methods. There are so many benefits in using infrared heat, it can help to lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation, boost cellular metabolism, increase the production of both white blood cells and endorphins, as well as reduce joint pain and stiffness, stress and fatigue.

Colour therapy

In our everyday lives we are subjected to harmful amounts of blue light due to our overexposure to phones, laptops and other devices. Overtime, this over-stimulation of blue light has been shown to suppress melatonin and interfere with our natural circadian rhythms.

Simply put, colour is just light of varying wavelengths and frequencies. Electromagnetic waves constantly surround us, and colour is part of those waves. Our cells absorb colour, and this affects us on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In some of our classes we have chosen to use specific coloured lighting to help bring on various affects such as happiness, motivation and relaxation.

open space - self practice

During opening hours cntre sapce is open for self-guided meditation practice when classes are not in session. This service is a free offering for members of cntre space or a $10 drop in rate for non- members. Our headphones and seats are also available to use during these times.

We want to encourage people to develop a consistent meditation practice even among their busy lifestyles. Part of establishing a routine is providing ourselves with a favourable environment. Our peaceful abode promotes a mood of comfort and harmony so you can “turn on, tune in, drop out” more often.

Mukti Yoga Mats

We use Mukti yoga mats at our studio – they are an ethical Australian business . Mukti mats are manufactured with a toxic free softening process and are completely free of toxic foaming agents, PVC and plasticizers. Their mats are made from biodegradable non –Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber, jute and cotton. The dye that is used is mineral based, kind to the environment and completely free from toxins, pesticides and chemicals. Mukti mats are manufactured under ethical workplace standards and are completely sweatshop free.

headphones & audio soundtracks

Cntre space has introduced its signature audio meditation class i n t u n e . For this class we use a wireless stereo headphone system. This allows all participants to tune in to the same radio frequency and listen to the same audio track that is being played. Our headphones are lightweight, with comfortable ear pads and offer noise reduction, providing maximum comfort for meditation.

Jim Butler is the creator of the ‘Deep Energy’ podcast and runs his own label ‘Earth Ambient Records’. Jim specializes in New Age/Ambient/Space music and dark, swirling and haunting drones. He lives in Southwest New Hampshire, USA with his wife, two dogs and three cats.

We are grateful to have Jim Butler provide the soundtracks for i n t u n e


When cleaning our mats, we use natural products made in house at cntre space. Utilising herbal botanicals and oils to create authentic and signature aromas without the chemicals.