cntre space


We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome within cntre space, every person that enters the space is accepted and valued. To help ensure this we ask that you follow our etiquette guidelines.

  • Please be gentle and respectful in your communication with one another.

  • Avoid using the car park that is directly behind the building. Please use the large public car park that is located to the right of cntre space - this is free 2 hour parking.

  • We start on time so arrive a few minutes before class, doors are locked once we begin.

  • Please remove your shoes upon entering, shoes can be left in the reception area.

  • Help yourself to tea before and after class and remember to offer others aswel.

  • Place your phone on silent and leave outside the studio room.

  • The only items to be taken into the studio are a water bottle and towel, everything else can be left outside.

  • Enter the studio and find your place and lie down. Out of respect for the experience of everyone we ask that you keep conversations minimal once inside the meditation room, this is a place to relax - as classes commence please refrain from talking.

  • Wipe down your mat thoroughly after class - mats can be left on the floor after use.

  • Be yourself.