Meg began her journey in the field of health and wellness 10 years ago. She originally turned to alternative therapies and practices of healing to help her through times of challenge and distress and has now used this experience to be able to relate to individuals when working with them on a professional level.

 In 2016 Meg graduated from University Of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of counselling in which she learnt the fundamental basics to teaching Meditation and found her passion in the path of positive psychology. Meg wanted to deepen her connection to self and understanding of the human body and found this connection through the principles of yoga, she has completed her 200 hr YTT through Power Living.

 Meditation has been a particularly useful tool for Meg which she has implemented into her to daily life to find more balance and stability. Sharing this knowledge with others through her teaching, Meg has been able to witness the powerful benefits meditation has over quieting the mind and calming the body.

 She defines her practice in working with and helping others through modern yet alternative approaches to help them let go of whatever is holding them back from living their life to its fullest potential.