I was led into a life of meditation and yoga because of some health issues I was dealing with when I was 20. I sought out alternative healing therapies because conventional medicine didn’t help, so I went and saw a naturopath which then caused me to alter my relationship to my body and in particular my mind – turning to positive affirmation, meditation, prayer - they worked but more importantly provided me with a foundation to explore things further. This all then pushed me to learn about all the many layers of my Self, reading and listening to the works of Tolle, Louise Hays, Osho, Ram Dass, Shunyamurti and the list goes on. I changed many aspects of my life, even leaving a wonderful relationship in order to honour my Truth, this is where I then discovered yoga!

It was when I was travelling in Japan that I decided to practice yoga as a way to ease some of the heartache I experienced. In that first class I was truly touched by the presence of my yoga teacher, she was a beautiful soul and I left the class knowing that when I got home I would train in yoga and this would be my career. Yoga became so much more than a career, it was and is a way of life.

So that’s kind of where it all began. I’ve since then trained in both yoga and meditation; these were all such transformational experiences. I’ve taught within Australia for 5 years at various studios as well as running my own classes. I’ve been a self-taught meditator for many years, this also sparked a love for writing and creative expression and allowed me to adapt my own understanding in relation to meditation without any preconceived ideas. I wrote 2 books through meditation one which was published by Wipf and Stock publishers in 2018 (cntre space). In 2017 I lived in Bali for some time, truly just living and being in simplicity. Having so much space and time to think and ponder whilst I was living there the idea of cntre space was conceived. Cntre space opened in March 2019 and came to life with Co-Founder Remmy.

What inspires you in life, what are your likes?

So much! Music, nature, laughter, communication, connection, Love, writing, dance, singing, reading, walking, textures, feelings, teaching, meditation, yoga, being alone, being in company, order, chaos, energy, pretty feminine things such as head scarves, flowery dresses, lipstick, ear ornaments, long hair, being bare foot, body oils, face tattoos, my Jeep, coffee, driving, dirt, sand, flowers, air, incense, resin, smoke, fire, smells, and lots, lots, lots more.

Why did you want to open cntre space?

Well we don’t all learn and understand in the same way, there’s not one method that fits everyone, and so we wanted to create a space that incorporated various methods and techniques to help inspire different and new ways of relating to ourselves and each other - whether that’s through the community aspect or through the alternative practices we offer. It’s a super creative space and 100% authentic to Remmy and myself, every moment and choice was and is felt and made from our heart, it’s no bullshit, we are who we are and we just want to share what we love, we’re definitely not trying to force any ideas or beliefs or ways of thinking, there’s no right or wrong -everything evolves and adapts - cntre space will continue to evolve and adapt :)

What’s your favourite thing about cntre space?

Remmy, the vibes, the insanity, the community.

Learning / Education

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

- 200hrs Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Frog Lotus Yoga)

- 70hrs Advanced Teacher Training (Power Living Australia)

- 30hrs Advanced Assisting Program (Power Living Australia)

- 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training (Meghan Currie)

- 30hrs Mindfulness Teacher Training (Perth Meditation Centre)


Cert III micro business operations

In her own words Malika is: a creative, curious and an extremely funny person, she can also be quite moody and rebellious, she’s deep and passionate but also very very gentle.