Devotion is a gentle release of personal perspective so to better encompass the fullness that we are. It relieves us from the belief in our own personal sense of responsibility and softens ideas of ownership that revolve around and relate to our relationship with life, more specifically, the mentality that says this is “my life”, our desperate attempt to control the course and outcome of life experiences and living for personal fulfilment.   

I’m not saying to deny your dreams and ambitions or even your desires for that matter, we’re human after all and having desires, and dreams and ambitions is all part of life, and if we were to deny any part of our human existence it would also mean we are denying God, and I’m not saying to deny God for God is everywhere and everything – embrace God. What I am trying to say is that we must live FULLY and that personal fulfilment isn’t the entire picture, in fact it’s just one tiny aspect of what it means to be human - it’s just a very small part of the story. Though somehow this one aspect seems to govern our entire life, we identify totally with it as absolute and most of us end up walking down a path which basically rejects everything else, all other ways of living and being and existing are unseen. We walk blindly, victim to ideas of self-satisfaction, cut off from the infinite field of potential that is life itself; life in its totality - that which you are. In turn we suffer because as humans we aren’t embracing the totality of that which we are and so we are depleted of life force, of life’s full force.   

And so to live a life of devotion or to live devotionally I feel means to live with a constant, internal mantra, that is always and forever ticking away, reminding us, sending the message to the mind, body and heart to remain open and embrace all that you are – remain open to life’s infinite potential, to your infinite potential and to natures effortless flow, and not just for your sake but for the sake of the whole. Why? Because life is whole, you are whole, life is a unified experience you see - all things coming together in each and every moment coexisting, nothing is greater or lesser than anything else, all is One, and we must remember this, it’s our responsibility to realize this.

Devotion helps us to remember that we are not separate entities living here but that we are here participating in natures dance, everything we do is shared, and everything we experience is experienced by the whole; nothing is done by your effort alone, and nothing you do goes unseen or unfelt by all else. With this understanding we can start to see that that the only choice we have is the choice to realize our true nature, and so devotion is the choice to realize this.  Devotion is not about being devoted to a spiritual path or tradition, nor is it about blind faith or denial of the self – it is in fact Self - realization and harmonization.

with love


Renae Porter