meet remmy wood


The other half of cntre space is Remmy! We hope you enjoy reading a little bit about the cntre space story and learning more about Remmy.


1. You've recently opened cntre space - a contemporary meditation and mindfulness studio, tell us a little bit about how this came to be?

I remember when I first met Malika, she had just returned from Bali and was starting to run yoga classes at her house again. I met her through her sister Taya and I started going to these classes once a week. I probably spoke about Malika a little too much to my husband Jacob haha! We both felt the connection, almost as if we knew we would eventually do something together in relation to business. I also remember Malika messaging me after a mediation of hers, saying she felt as though we should run a retreat together and that is where it all began for us. We met for tea quite a-lot where we would both bring our dairies and plan and laugh...a-lot. I really appreciate and love the early days, before cntre space had even begun. We were not only getting to know each-other on a friendship level, but we were planning a retreat, working with friends can be hard but we have always been very honest with each-other and I am safe to say we still love each-other very much :P 

We planned a retreat and ran this successfully, somewhere in the middle of this...cntre space was founded. Malika came in for a meeting with Dreamhunter (where I worked) and spoke about an idea for a meditation & mindfulness space in Perth. If anyone knows me, knows I support anyone starting a business and am always excited for them. This was no different, perhaps a little more excited than usual. Malika has devoted her life to meditation, for me I brought the branding and business angle to cntre space. This meant we both really trusted each-other and that is where cntre space began. We built cntre space from the ground up, we took our time and really ensured we did everything right...we had a vision and both being somewhat OCD (in our own way) we knew we would be going all in. 

Setbacks? YEP! Unfortunately, when you dream big often what limits you is finances. We both decided we would look for a grant in order to make our dream come true. We applied for a grant, one which we were given the opportunity to work with a coach for a couple of months. This allowed us to hash out our business plan and also our budgets/forecasting. This was an awesome opportunity and would always recommend a solid business plan before any business. We worked on this plan for approximately 9 months, in-between also running pop-up events at Billie & Rose weekly. This classes were often tough, there was never a profit made from these due to not having our own space. We also felt like, a weekly class in a space that was not ours was limiting for people who may not have been able to make that time. We ran them all the way up until opening, we are so grateful for those who attended those early day classes. 

In order to obtain the grant, we needed to submit our plan to the finance team. We worked with our business coach and finally felt it was ready to submit. We felt very confident and so did all of those involved. I mean after a solid 9 months of work, we needed this! I remember Malika and I went to bali and we had such a great time, we thought we may of heard whilst in Bali (thank god we didn't), when we returned I am sure it was only days later I had a phone call from Malika to tell me we did not receive the grant. At this point we had already found our space and had already been pushing it back asking them to please wait as we ARE going to get this grant. I remember going to Malika's house and giving her hug, we drove to Taya's house and as she answered the door we answered with "the failures are here"

Of course, we were heart broken but I know for a fact both of us knew this wasn't the end. Malika told me to pray...I did. She always tells me it will be ok when I feel down, she told me to have faith and that god is looking after us. Almost the day before losing our space, we were gifted with some help from someone special, there is a lot more to it...but thanks to those beautiful people and hard work here we are today. 

2. You're also a nutritionist and a soon to be naturopath, what can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

Yes I am! :) I have really dedicated myself to my study and I am really proud of that. There has been sacrifice in order to be able to study for such a long time (8 years and counting), but I know it will all be worth it. I will be a naturopath next year and I have so many exciting ideas that will involve cntre space. We hope to have cntre space as a hub, for meditation, mindfulness, healing & herbs. For me, having the nutrition aspect and the naturopathy aspect I hope to help people on a holistic and energetic level. As some of you may know, I love products and have created many products that contain herbs, oils and flowers. I aim to extend this range as New Moon Co. but focus my Naturopathy and Nutrition within cntre space. Much more to come on this.

3. What's your favourite offering at cntre space and why? 

Easy, intune. The audio meditation class. I remember the planning that went into this class and I love what it has become. This class for me, is where I have my best meditation sessions. The headphones block out any exterior noise and allow me to completely surrender. This class gives me 30 minutes, by myself and I love what it brings me. I have some pretty epic meditation experiences.
The integrate class is where it all began for us and was the class we ran out of billie & rose so I also love this class. Integrate is a combination of yoga & meditation, a must try for those interested in both modalities. 

4. Your journey with meditation and yoga is relatively new, how are you finding it all so far? Is there any advice you would like to share for anyone else wanting to get involved in these practices? 

It is, I had tried yoga many years ago with some friends at yoga om. I then picked it back up just over a year ago…with Malika. One thing about me, fitness has always been a priority and without a doubt I am consistent in what is important to me. Whilst I only started yoga once a week, I looked forward to those classes. Now practicing anywhere from 3 - 5 times per week as well as daily movement training, I am enjoying and learning each day. Learning to focus on myself, the breath and to take rest when I need in poses. We can often get caught up on comparing to others or trying to get in poses we just are not ready for. I don’t believe we are beginners or advanced, we are all on our own journey. My advice would be to take it in your own time, to be patient and to internalise your practices.

Meditation has been a wonderful surprise to my life, I am unsure where I would be be without it. Of course, the environment of cntre space and Malika have helped me into the practice. Meditation for me, is a time to check in. Each time I get back into our meditation seats, it is like I am picking up exactly where I left off. For me, my mind takes me me on a journey almost as if it is telling me a story. Often there will be one topic that my mind wants me to explore, other times it’s messy and confusing. I believe it is much more than a relaxation modality, it is truly allowing me to get to know myself…in a strange, scary but beautiful way. Malika has been my sounding board, she listens to what I have experienced and it is really special to me. This is what I hope it brings to other people at cntre space. Myself & Malika are here to listen, to enjoy meditation with you.

5. Cntre space has been in the making for quite some time, developing ideas and content as well as creating a brand, can you talk about the branding and styling for cntre space and how it reflects the core vision?

Definitely my forte! Whilst I have the skills to bring our vision to life through our branding, Malika & I created what cntre would look visually together in every aspect. We wanted to ensure we executed our branding early and correctly. We decided to take things slow, to be patient and think carefully about how we wanted to show the world our brand. Being taken seriously as a brand is tough, it means you need to be confident with your brand and believe wholeheartedly that what you are creating is real. We always believed in cntre space, almost as if we were not scared because we felt it was right from the very beginning.

Our branding is simple, modern and unique. You will find mainly blacks, greys, whites with a dash of red. The simplicity throughout our space, our website, our logo and our social media is consistent. We almost sit on the outer edges of mindfulness, not quite conforming to the norm. Because, we believe there is no normal in meditation and mindfulness…it is unique, different for everyone.

Even when times are tough, we want to stay within our core values of what we believe cntre space is. Often outside opinions can creep their way in, I think it is always important to remember why you started a business, to remember this and to make decisions with this always in the forefront of your mind no matter how tough it gets.

6. Cntre space is in the process of setting up an in store and online shop. We know you have a passion for branding and making products so help us to envision this exciting new project. What can we find in store? and how does this tie in to the cntre space vision?

We are! You may have noticed our new social account - Cahokia. Cahokia is going to be a shop nestled within cntre space. We have always wanted a shop, since we started! Whilst we are only in the early stages, we are currently working on our branding, products and website to have ready in the next couple of months! Cahokia will contain products by cntre space and also other brands. The products will be all the things we love; books, herbs, oils, teas, dream catchers, beads, incense, resins and so much more. Each product will tie in nicely to meditation & mindfulness, with a touch of herbs (because…well how could it not).

Cntre space aims to become a hub, a community and a place to find items that you can use to help you along your own journey or to complement your practice.

7. Why do you love cntre space and what do you hope it brings to the Perth community? 

I love cntre space for so many reasons! I love that it brings in so many unique people, whether it be those who come with friends or those who come on their own. Whilst the yoga is great and so popular, when I see someone come in for our meditation sessions, I do feel extremely happy.

I think what we bring to the community is a modernised space for mindfulness. With our funky design and branding, we really do believe when you step into cntre space you get to experience what we portray on our socials. A place to just be you, a place to meet like-minded people, to sit and enjoy herbal tea without any stigmas on what the practice should be about.

Renae Porter