frequently asked questions

+ I have never meditated before, does this matter?

Cntre space offers regular guided meditation classes called instil, these classes are especially useful if you have little or no meditation experience. Meditation is for everyone, it’s just a matter of having a consistent practice and remaining open throughout.

+ I have trouble sitting down during meditation, what can I do?

We understand that not everyone finds sitting cross leg comfortable, which is why the studio provides the option to sit on a bench with your back supported. Cntre space has also chosen to use the Chi Meditation Seat which is designed to alleviate discomfort, making sitting upright easier and more enjoyable.

+ What are the types of yoga offered at cntre Space

Cntre space offers its signature mndful flow class, which is a contemporary Vinyasa practice. This class is open level, however some previous experience is useful but not necessary. Some classes are slightly warmed of no more than 27 degrees (please check schedule). If you’re after something more restorative, then our yin class is the perfect option for you.

+ I have an injury, can I still enjoy cntre space?

Although your injury may prevent you from practicing yoga, there are a variety of meditation and mindfulness classes including sound healing that you can still enjoy.

+ What perks do I get with a cntre space membership?

Those on a membership receive complimentary access to the studio for self-guided meditation practice during opening hours when classes are not in session. As well as this, your membership provides you with a 15% discount on all retail, and discounted sound healing sessions, workshops and events/ retreats. If you are coming to more than 2 yoga sessions per week then our membership is the best value.

+ Is there parking at Cntre Space?

Yes, whilst you are not permitted to use the business only carpark at cntre space, there is a large carpark behind cntre space which is 2 hours free. There is also ample street parking for up to 5 hours.

+ Do you have shower and bathroom facilities?

Yes! We have a shower and bathroom facility. We also have space with large mirrors and benches for you to use.

+ What if I am early to my class?

Doors open half an hour before class starts. Between classes cntre space is open for self guided meditation practice. We have a kitchen and space for you to relax before and after your class, we invite you to get comfortable and enjoy our peaceful abode.

+ do you have a studio etiquette at the space?

Yes we do:

We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome within cntre space, every person that enters the space is accepted and valued. To help ensure this we ask that you follow our etiquette guidelines.

  • Please be gentle and respectful in your communication with one another.
  • Avoid using the car park that is directly behind the building. Please use the large public car park that is located to the right of cntre space - this is free 2 hour parking.
  • We start on time so arrive a few minutes before class, doors are locked once we begin.
  • Please remove your shoes upon entering, shoes can be left in the reception area.
  • Help yourself to tea before and after class and remember to offer others aswel.
  • Place your phone on silent and leave outside the studio room.
  • The only items to be taken into the studio are a water bottle and towel, everything else can be left outside.
  • Enter the studio and find your place and lie down. Out of respect for the experience of everyone we ask that you keep conversations minimal once inside the meditation room, this is a place to relax - as classes commence please refrain from talking.
  • Wipe down your mat thoroughly after class - mats can be left on the floor after use.
  • Be yourself.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions