I first found yoga during university through an Iyengar teacher in Melbourne. It provided a way to calm the nervous system and still the mind. 

I later dove deeper into the physical asana and more of a dynamic yang drive to generate some tapas to stimulate my way out of a stagnant life situation. 

YouTube classes got me going again. Then a couple of 30 day challenges at a Hot Yoga studio really lit the fire. 

Soon after I took my first teacher training at Vikasa Yoga Academy in Thailand for one of their 200hr courses.Then took a 100hr advanced inversion module training with Patrick Beach and Carling Harps as well as workshops with Dylan Werner. Patrick and Dylan remain constant inspirations through Alo Moves. 

I have been teaching vinyasa classes for over 2 years that offer a holistic practice to settle the mind, deepen the breath, activate the body, strengthen connection to spirit and develop an expansive sense of self mastery. 

Develop more intentional control of awareness and awaken to higher consciousness as you free yourself from inefficient, ineffective programming and processing. 

Dive deep into who you are, how you connect and what you create. Become your own maker, carve your own way, generate your own light.