For the last 7 years Courtney has been a student of Yoga. She originally was introduced to help with her low breath capacity, a symptom from a blood disorder she was born with. Initially she fell in love with the physical practice but the changes yoga created with in her mind and the way she began to perceived her life and the world, gave her a much deeper love, that continues to burn.

As a student Courtney saw the community yoga brought with it, the ability for people to show up as their whole, perfectly imperfect selves, with no judgement and she wanted nothing more than to be able to share in that. 4 years ago she completed her 200hr Teacher Training with Power Living and has continued to learn through added teacher training hours and guidance from her mentor and friend Shawn Taylor. The practice of yoga is a journey of self exploration one that she has learnt a lot from and loves to share her own truths and lessons, whilst handing people a mirror to look into so they can begin or continue, their own journeys. Her teaching style is strong, but flows authentically with who she is, so class often comes with a bit of tongue in cheek humour. Courtney whole heartedly believes that nothing in life should be taken too seriously, including your practice!