Cntre Space is Malika’s second book of poetry, abstract writing and insights published by Wipf and Stock publishers in 2018.

Cntre Space is a succinct translation of the experiences and revelations of an inward-bound soul. With singular and penetrating perspective, Malika Warda delivers genuine insight into the nature of soul and the limitless potential of human beings as entities within the universe. With every page offering readers a fresh view of life, death, and the will of God, Malika peels back the layers of the mystery, continuously opening us to an awareness and faith in the absolute divinity of the spirit. With unerring accuracy, her words strike a chord deep within, impressing upon readers the infinite vastness of space and time, while often painting them as obstacles to overcome through exploration of the self, truly inspiring us to expand consciousness.

Malika’s works, often playful, are infused with aspects of darkness and light; sweetness and sensuality, weaving boundless wisdom into elegant script that transmutes the dualistic aspects of the natural world to capture the essence of Oneness. Malika opens the heart with authenticity and depth and speaks to the intuition inherent in all beings.

“Malika has the unique gift of putting the unsaid into words and hitting the spot that you couldn’t locate before. Her words are soft and strong at the same time, radiating from the true artistic soul that she is.”

—Madeleine Alizadeh, Activist, Podcaster of A Mindful Mess, Designer


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